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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Natural Hair Journey....!

Top Pic: Twist Out October 2009

Second Pic: I decided to go natural! July 2008 (Relaxer)
Third Pic: After a lot of mini disasters, this is the day I decided (ahem, my stylist did convince me to go ahead and do it ;) to cut out the relaxed ends of my hair July 2009 (Transitioning)
Fourth Pic: The BIG CHOP!! July 2009
Fifth Pic: September 2009 (Wash and Go)

*I know there is like a year gap in my photos! lol But basically this is because after a bad sew in I was left with REALLY short relaxed hair. I was so uncomfortable and insecure with it I wore hats and avoided cameras at all cost. I transitioned by flat ironing (if I could do it all over again def wouldn't choose to transition that way, because I lost a lot of hair!). Anyways, this is it :)